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Jan. 6th, 2011


Portal MMORPG Games

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Jan. 9th, 2009


(no subject)

Many of the traits are used if you play the game for more than 30 days.  I switch traits fairly often on my level 60 character.  I have a few traits that always stay, but sometimes I need to be more geared for tanking than DPS.  Or maybe I need to have my AoE attacks maxed out instead of a balance between AoE and single target damage.  I switch between traits that increase my resistance to wounds, poison, disease, shadow damage etc. based off the challenges I will face in each particular area.

I agree that the game is more appealing to fans of Tolkien/Middle Earth.  I found the community to be far better in LOTRO than in WoW, which is what really makes the game more enjoyable to me.  Just my opinion.

Jan. 1st, 2009


Lord of the Rings Online - Mines of Moria

Lord of the Rings Online : Addendum

This is an addendum to my previous review of the MMORPG "Lord of the Rings Online".
(The previous one can be found here: Eviltarutaru: Lord of the Rings Online

Cut for text and picturesCollapse )

Still Id say LotRO is not the big hit and will never bee.
It will serve its fan base but it will never reach beyond that.

Nov. 24th, 2008


Lord of the Rings Online - Mines of Moria

I was shopping and saw the box for the new expansion, the special edition.
I could'nt resist. I'm such an online/MMORPG geek. :D
Startet from scratch with a runecaster. It's fun.
I'm at "Preventing a war" at the moment.

Oct. 20th, 2007

Malaron Deepwinter


Uplaoded Videos & Photos

On the previous subject of player housing, i've uploaded a handy zip file of some videos & pictures of the new player housing system that I found on a website.

[Link will only last for 13 days]

Enjoy! : )

In other news, Malaron got married to an Elf in game the other day! It seems that role-playing isn't completely dead on the Evernight server. Haha!
kind empress


Ohayo minna!

Name: Telengil Bardsleaf (of Lorien)
Race: Elf-maid
Class: Lore-mastaaa (Lore-master)
Level: 32
Server: [EN] Gilrain
Kinship: White Army of Middle Earth

By the way, Tanthwig dinged 44 yesterday ^_^

Oct. 19th, 2007

Malaron Deepwinter


Player Housing

So is everyone looking forward to Book 11 then? I'm really liking the idea of owning my own house to be honest. : )

Whats everyones after house-wise anyway? Personally i'm looking getting an Elven deluxe home.

Oct. 11th, 2007


Aye, m8y!

Name: Tanthwig Bardsleaf (of Dale)
Race: Man
Class: Captain
Level: 40
Server: [EN] Gilrain
Kinship: White Army of Middle Earth  (Officer)

Name: Selivrena Celebrandill
Race: Elf-maid
Class: Ministrel
Level: 18
Server: [EN] Gilrain
Kinship: Same as above, Member

To keep on with it, we`re now one of more then moderate kinships on the Gilrain, with it`s low population its a hard job, but we`re trying!
So, do we have any news editor about or something? )))
Oh, and my wife`ll be filling the form out soon i guess.
Malaron Deepwinter



Ok, so I guess i'd better the ball rolling! First off, i'm always interested in other characters and how they're doing on LOTRO soooo, I was wondering what everyones character(s) were in game?

Here's a summary of my two chars:

Name: Malaron Deepwinter (Father of Theondir)
Race: Man
Class: Lore-Master
Level: 50
Server: [EN] Evernight
Kinship: The Free People's Front (Founder)

Name: Aeonwyn Deepwinter (Daughter of Gius)
Race: Woman
Class: Captain
Level: 22
Server: [EN] Evernight
Kinship: The Free People's Front (Officer)